Best Teething Toys for Puppies  

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If your puppy is among 4-6 months of age he is most probably suffering from teething pains and would certainly appreciate some fantastic teething toys to relieve his discomfort, boredom and frustration. It really is really essential that your puppy has a selection of excellent teething toys since if not, he will find other items to chew on that may possibly be unsafe. According to investigation, client reviews, item ratings and my own personal encounter as a dog owner, here are some of the very best recommended teething toys offered for puppies.

Puppy KongIf you are a dog owner I am certain you have heard of the renowned Kong. All dogs love kongs, and you can get them specifically for your puppy. Puppy Kongs are created from a particular rubber formulation that is more flexible than regular Kongs and come in distinct sizes for various breeds. Kongs are extremely tough which is wonderful for keeping a puppy busy for long periods of time. If your puppy is not satisfied with the Kong alone, make use of the treat hole and stuff with a healthy treat or with Kong’s Puppy Ziggies, specially created treats for stuffing the puppy kong. If you do not have anything to stuff your kong with, a lot of folks just use peanut butter. Personally, I’ve in no way had a dog turn down a kong stuffed with a bit of peanut butter.

Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Flexible ChewThis flavour enhanced flexible dinosaur chew comes in three enjoyable dinosaur shapes, brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex and stegosaurus. The raised suggestions are fantastic for massaging your puppy’s sore gums and the distinctive shape offers your puppy a lot of different chewing angles. The dental dinosaur comes in two colors, blue and white. Maintain in mind the blue is the flexible chew which is much better for young puppies. The white dinosaur is the non-flexible chew and is created for robust chewers.

Puppy Fish Flexible Chew produced by NylaboneNot only is this toy completely cool searching with it really is glow-in-the-dark skeleton but it also makes a excellent teething toy for your puppy. Durable nevertheless flexible, these toys are flavoured with the irresistible taste of bacon and come in three sizes. Each size is a different shape and color.

Booda Fresh N’ Floss 2 Knot Cotton Rope Tug This mint-flavored rope toy is outstanding for keeping your puppy’s teeth clean and serves as a fun and satisfying chew toy. Tougher than rawhide and created with fluoride, this toy actually flosses your puppy’s teeth as he chews. This is a excellent toy for freezing to bring added relief to your puppy throughout teething, just immerse in water and location in freezer. Your puppy will certainly appreciate this soothing, minty, frozen treat.

Pet Stages Puppy Cool TeetherThis soft, plush toy can also be frozen to soothe sore and tender gums and puppies adore chewing on the knotted streamers on the end. A great toy to add to your puppy’s teething toy collection.

Kong Puppy Teething StickThese toys are created with Kong’s special teething rubber formula and exclusively developed for a puppy’s mouth. Exclusive denta-ridges on the toy are excellent for cleaning your puppy’s teeth and you can even fill these ridges with treats. As with other Kong items, these toys are durable and can last quite awhile. This toys comes in 3 sizes and two colors pink or blue.

Ruffians Rubber Squeaker ToyThis innovative rubber chew toy was designed so there is no choking hazard posed by the squeaker. These toys come in vibrant colors and entertaining animal shapes such as a fish, chicken, octopus, turtle, bear, and a cat. They are produced from 100% organic rubber infused with vanilla extract for added chewing pleasure.

For much more data on every of these great toys as nicely as item suggestions for other puppy merchandise, study our Complete New Puppy Checklist

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