Dealing With Bichon Frise Separation Anxiety  

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Because they are such sociable and affectionate dogs, the Bichon Frise has a tendency to grow to be too attached to their owners and/or their surroundings. Sudden separations from their owners, like when they are going on a getaway, or a move to a new residence can lead to the development of Bichon Frise separation nervousness.

Separation anxiety is a type of nervousness that is skilled by a canine or puppy – in this case a Bichon Frise – brought on by separation from the important nurturing care and influence of their owner or from familiar surroundings. Aside from getting parted from their owners and adjustments to their atmosphere, Bichon Frise separation nervousness can also be triggered by loud noises related with the separation, such as bangs, booms, fireworks, or thunderstorms.

There are several methods by which Bichon Frises manifest separation nervousness. One particular way is by continually following you wherever you go. If it loses sight of you even for just a number of minutes, it becomes quite restless, pacing close to the property frantically and whining. Some Bichons display aggressive behaviors just to get your interest, such as growling, barking or even biting. In your absence, the dog exhibits destructive behaviors, like chewing or gnawing on furnishings, and urinating or defecating in every portion of the home, like your bed.

Crate coaching can assist alleviate separation anxiety if done when your Bichon is still a puppy. In your absence, the crate or sleeping region for the canine becomes a spot of sanctuary. Some canine owners even go so far as to spot an old T-shirt or individual item that has their scent on it within the crate in order to soothe and unwind their Bichon.

Following crate teaching, encourage development of independence in your Bichon puppy. This can be accomplished by teaching your pet to lie down and sleep on a mat or dog basket away from you and/or other members of your family. Give them toys to play with while you are in an additional portion of the residence or away for a couple of hrs. If you are concerned that your puppy may well take the toy and play with it in yet another portion of the residence, just secure the toy to a fixed object like a post or the wall. A typical suggestions offered by pet owners is that the toy should be provided ten to 20 minutes ahead of you leave the house. Not only will this distract your Bichon, your puppy will make a connection with your departure and a reward (namely the toy).

Never make departures or arrivals such a massive fanfare as this will only aggravate the anxieties that your dog is already experiencing.

Bichon Frise separation nervousness need not be a lead to of frustration and resentment in between the owner and the pet. By way of adequate instruction and patience, you can assist your dog to deal with its fears and anxieties.

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